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eCarts World

We are committed to deliver One Stop Experience for all of your electric powered mobility needs across Saudi Arabia.

Welcome to eCarts World

eCarts World is a full-service agency with several years of experience made up of industry experts who love what they do. We are providing exceptional services to our clients to deliver right and quality products and services at highly competitive and unmatched prices for each & every project.

One Call Does It All

Premium & High Quality eCarts

We offer high quality products and services at very competitive prices either you Buy, Rent or Repair your eCarts.

Luxury meets recreation

Our eCarts are tailor made for your events/locations, as we provide very carefully selected products to be the most environmentally friendly eCarts.

Bring an eCart Home

Add power to move people and materials within your home or wherever it is needed with much more comfort and safety.

eCarts Gallery

2 to 8 seats

Personal eCarts

2 & 4 seats with Cargo Box

Utility eCarts

8 to 21 Seats

Resort/Hotels eCarts